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minor blood in vomit and other gastronomy related ails

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I'm not sure where to begin, since I don't know whether the same problem has generated all of these conditions.

A few weeks ago I suffered from a very sudden and terrible loss of appetite. Despite suffering from fits of starvation, I could take no more than single bites before all desire for additional food would be lost; a few moments would pass and hunger would sink in once again, compelling me to take another bite--This cycle would continue for about an hour, at the end of which I would consume but a minor fraction of what I was once capable.

This issue had resolved recently, I no longer suffer from a loss of appetite nearly as profound. But I still am not able to eat nearly as much as I once could.

Today, I awoke and, as I often do, I ate the leftovers from dinner the previous night for breakfast (since I am not really very fond of the typical foods provided for breakfast), which in this instance was barbeque.

A few moments preceding my completion of the meal I felt an extremely sudden and inexplicable desire to regurgitate the food--And I did. Not only did I release the food, but a minor pool of bright red blood was also released.

I vomited blood--Bright red.

I should note, that I have not felt a single instance of pain during the past few weeks. No gastronomic challenges, outside of the lack of appetite, and the vomiting of the blood which occurred a few hours ago. Outside of these two, I feel extremely minor abdominal cramps which I had never previously experienced.
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