I will be going in for testing next month to see if i am a candidate for what my cardio explained is a "minimally-invasive ablation" procedure. I'm doing this because I have extra heartbeats associated with atrial fibrillation. He told me that it would involve using a wire to go through a major artery in my thigh and essentially "burning" off pathways from my atria to ventricles ( if I'm recalling correctly). I've been trying to research ablation procedures online, but keep coming up with very different things than what he explained...things like open-heart operations, ones involving incisions in your side, and complete AV node ablations (which my doc ensured me was not what he was talking about).
So, if anyone has had this procedure before, i was hoping you could let me know your experiences, and if it ended up helping or not. Thanks!
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replied May 13th, 2008
Catheter ablation is invasive procedure used to destroy the accessory (pathologic) pathways that conduct electrical impulses from the sinus node directly into the ventricles by skipping the atrio-ventricular (AV) node. This direct conducting of the electrical impulses from atriums into the ventricles can cause severe arrhythmias (WPW-sundrome, SVT, atrial fibrilation etc.).
Procedure involves advancing several flexible catheters into the patient's blood vessels, usually either in the femoral vein, internal jugular vein, or subclavian vein. The catheters are then advanced towards the heart and high-frequency electrical impulses are used to induce the arrhythmia, and then ablate (destroy) the abnormal tissue that is causing or conducting it.
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