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minimal PTB

Hi Doc, my husband was diagnosed with minimal PTB. Chest X-ray result was - "Upper left lung showed koch's infection of undetermined activity". Sputum result was all negative. The pulmonologist did not ask my husband to have skin test. He never had fever, loss of appetite and sweating at night. He was just coughing and feel tired. He was prescribed with myrin p forte (4 tablets per day) for 2 months & vitamin B complex. He's also taking Vitamin C supplement & multivitamins.

My questions are:

1. After taking the myrin p forte for 2 months, what's next?
2. Is it possible that he will have scar in his left lung?
3. Is it ok if he also takes vitamin c & multivitamins while taking myrin p forte? As per literature, only antacids should not be taken with this drug.

thank you for your kind reply.
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