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Hey Everyone,

I work a physically demanding job and also have a chronic anxiety disorder (meaning I stress every minute of the day). I sweat a lot and I know I'm having difficulty with mineral or electrolye balancing. I know I'm still having problems with this because after work, I can hardly look at light and have really bad muscle tension.

For over a month, I've been trying to correct the issue with a multi-vitamin, and I also taking Calcium Magnesium Zinc 3 times a day. Today, I had low blood pressure after a nap (which happens quite often, so I drank a diet soda which really only has sodium in it - so at that point I realized that perhaps my sodium was low. I drank some V8 and Orange Juice and felt better, and I popped a Potassium Gluconate and started feeling a LOT better.

I'm a bit concerned because a certain website told me that consuming Potassium Gluconate can be dangerous (even though it is only 3% of your %DV. I have a feeling all of my electrolytes or minerals could be suffering, but I don't have a lot of extra money, so I'm trying to find a way to resolve the mineral/electrolyte issue, relatively inexpensively.

I seem to get edema and gas pockets in my body, and when I take certain supplements, they start to go away. I think I'm drinking enough water, but I dont know. Last winter I kinda started binge drinking, and even after quitting alcohol completely, my body never seemed to recover. It is recovering slowly now that I'm eating better and trying to take care of myself, so I guess my question is, is there a nice mineral supplement I can take to help absolve this problem? Can I take more Potassium Gluconate? I'm deathly afraid of overdosing (even though it is only 3% DV. It is recommended only once per day, but I know that my job and my anxiety disorder do not help the situation, they actually probably make it worse.

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