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mind makes me feel guilty or ashamed of mysel or worthless

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I'm stressed so it seems fitting enough . Anyways my mind is always trying to kill me. No matter I do , it always finds a way to make me feel guilty or ashamed of mysel or worthless. But right now it's trying to make me feel bad for the most stupid reason and that's the worse part of it becauseems of all the problems people have , I'm here being so stupid. Anyways I recently started watching anime like a year ago and I love it . But recently my mind is saying things to me like " you don't love it . You are fake . You just like it because other people do." or " if you really like it then you should watch it every seconday of the day or you're just a fake " or " I bet you don't even rememeber what happened in epsiode 53 of naruto at exactly 14 minutes and 12 seconds " . Also I recently starting getting into drawing anime and whenever I start to feel proud of a drawing but my mind says " no its stupid and ugly ." It doesn't help that I want to pursue art as a career . I don't know why my mind hates me so much. I could give up drawing and watching anime but I know that even if I do my mind will find something else to make me feel bad about it. Like it ALWAYS DOES . Like before this it was " you only watch attention you don't even have anything to complain about you're selfish ". IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING AND I JUST WANT IT TO STOP BECAUSE IT'S KILLING ME
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