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milky white discharge. Could it be a uti?

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About 5 days ago, I noticed a slight burning/stinging sensation when I would urinate. Later that day, I also noticed a very small amount (half a drop) of a milky white substance begging to leak out. The next day, the stinging got a little worse, and I also noticed an itching inside my urethra near the tip. My urges to go were also more frequent and often unproductive. These all sounded like symptoms my girlfriend was experiencing with a uti only about 2 weeks ago.
However, concerned about the discharge, I visited to hospital (only place open on Sunday near me) it was there they told me a urine sample I gave contained some bacteria. They also sent a culture from the tip of my urethra for further analysis to make sure I didn't have gonorhea/chlamydia prompted by the discharge. They also started me on a ten day course of doxycycline (currently on day 4). Symptoms improved by the next day. However, they are still not completely gone. Discharge improved a little. Mostly clear now and I have to actually squeeze it up to see it. My question is: is it possible for a normal uti to cause penile discharge like that, or is it definitely something worse? The results of the culture still aren't back and I'm getting a little paranoid haha.

A little background: I got tested about 3 years ago for stds (clean). After that, I had sex with one girl. We used a condom during sex, but not for oral. That was almost 3 years ago. I've been with my current girlfriend for almost 2 years. I have zero suspicions of her cheating. In addition, we've used a condom every time for about 6 months now (except for oral). She's also been tested at her gyno recently (clean). This makes it seem almost impossible for me to have gotten the clap etc. Which is why I think this is freaking me out so much. Sorry for the short story, and thanks for any help! Smile
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