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Mild Form of Bipolar Disorder - Cyclothymia

Hi, Im a 22 year old female from the uk, and im wondering if people can help me out here.

Throughout my life iv suffered from mood swings, my parents, friends etc think its just part of me. I can be really nice then the next second everyone aggitates me.

For the better part of a year now I have noticed a great difference in my mood changes. A few of my friends 3 of whom are bipolar and my ex boyfriend also diagnosed as bipolar told me to go see my doctor, as they think i can also be bipolar. However when i researched bipolar online not all my signs and symptoms link up to the bipolar disorder diagnoses. However I did hear that there was a milder form of bipolar called Cyclothymia. I can never make plans now with my friends or family to do things as I never know which mood i might be in on that day, i can quickly change from one mood to the next, but recently, these last few weeks iv been in a 'depressed' sort of mood, which i think is getting worse. I can feel sooo sad and low, cry for no reason on occassions, i get aggitated and irritable for no reason, and everything and everyone just seems to annoy me, which then I end up arguing with friends and family over the smallest things. Also when i feel down and low i find it hard to make decisions for myself and also find it very hard to pick clothes to wear. I know this sounds bizarre. I have also noticed i get very fatigued, tired, and feel i can sleep for hours on end, i never want to leave my bed, and a few occassion i didnt even want to leave the house, i stayed in my pajamas all day crying. I have also cut myself and have also been taking prescriptions drugs non stop which now my mum thinks i am addicted to, and i have been mixing these with alcohol. I have drunk drove twice in the last month, and have alcoholic drinks everyday, to the extent i think its becoming a problem. I have also thought about suicide (but not to the extreme that i would actually carry it out)Sometimes i take co-codomal say 2-4 each night just to feel numb, and sometimes i couldnt care if i didnt wake up in the morning. i also have tried to get my hands on illegal drugs such as cocaine to boost my mood, which i think its my biggest fear. I also have very low self esteem and feel like i am worthless, ugly and disgusting.
I can then go through a normal phase which doesnt last very long until I feel this great feeling of happiness and excitement, cheerfulness where I want to be around all my friends, talk alot and talk about things that are pointless, I also get great ideas about careers moves and life changes such as opening up a night club, bar or tannign salon to moving to australia/america for a year. My cousin described me a few days ago as being very 'flighty' where she meant i had lots of great ideas that i dont know what to do with them, therefore i never follow through. most of these ideas seem impossible with working only part time at the moment. I also have increased energy levels, and great self esteem, i have a very over active sex drive and i feel like i can go clean my room at say 2am. I feel like i am very productive and want to do everything in the one day or night and i also feel that i dont need to sleep. I am also very confident at work and at home when i am in this mood, it sometimes feels like my thoughts are racing. Even in this mood i want to drink and party with my friends. I also spend alot of money on alcohol and clothes, where i don not think about money i just buy buy buy, i dont even open bank statements now, i just buy something if i want or like it, and also i have booked holidays/trips where i didnt have the money to pay for them. I know bipolar disorder is very extreme but what i have described to my friends they said to still get it seen to. Is there a milder form of bipolar disorder that my symptoms can fit into such as cyclothymia even if they are very mild. I would feel very silly talking to my doctor about this if its nothing, but i do feel some sort of medication would help me as i feel im trying to cope with it by medicating myself with prescription drugs and alcohol. Also if it is worth seeing my doctor, what should I say? your comments/thoughts and opinions will be very much appreciated thanks
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replied February 16th, 2013
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mild bi-polar?
hi i hope you got a reply to this question. h|ope you got some help too. YOur life must be hard and confusing without some meds and therapy to help. sure sounds like bi-polar to me.
good luck. I would just tell your doctor the truth so he/she can help. NOthing to be embarrassed about at all.
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replied February 18th, 2013
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Hi Derryn, there is hope, try to stay positive. There is research out there that are not popular because of profit and not proactive supported choices. I have gotten great results on a substance manufactured by the human body could be the key factor in treatment of depression in bipolar disorder.

It's called glutathione. Glutathione is a master antioxidant that rids the body of free radicals that damage cells. In the case of bipolar and depression, it seems as though these sufferes often have low blood glutathione levels. These low levels openn the way for free radicals to do oxidative damage to brain cells responsible for "mood function.

I recommend you research this one, because even you may have not heard of this dosen't mean this is just another vitamin, it is very powerful in what is does.

God Bless!
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