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MIL and FIL creating depression in me

I am married for 2.5 years.My mil and fil has been a problem creator in my life for all these year. after our marriage was fixed there was 3 months gap. 2months they were fine with me and gave me an impression taht they are good loving parents that eased my tension too, they used to talk to me and my mom they were fine with the dowry my mom said as my father was abroad my mom was the initail organizer for our marriage. After my father coming and fixing the dowry the problem started they demanded more they tone of talk changed, thay said if my parents do not give the demanded dowry they will motage my gold etc...but that time there was hardly time for yus to rethink marrage was 2 weeks away and the relatives invited so with ened up in a compromise and marriage was done.

This problem went on and on each day they interfered.We are ataying in Bangalore away from our native.But still they interfer now we have a baby girl who is a year old now they say they want o come and stay with us and play with the baby. their intention is to create prblem between me and husband they have always and now creating issues and I end up with getting angry and arguing with my husband.

He seems to be good to me and now what all hardships I have gone through because of his parents but he has a good heart enough to adjust with them My FIL recent called bad words to me. When were we ignore them and avoid them to have peace of mind they call us over phone and create issues.

This problem has created a depression on me.I get angry soon,,I feel like ending up everything, I cannot adjust with them. I want to get rid of them any with my husband but he said leave the matter this is life I need to adjust and forget. And ask me not to take the matter.

They often ask their son to send money theu see their son as an ATM and wants money and created issue for taking care of me. My husband forgives them.But I cannot.
Pls help me.
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replied September 23rd, 2012
Extremely eHealthy
I am sorry for your trouble.

I am now going to say something you won't like...
If you are suffering from depression you won't be able to make a qualified evaluation about your husband's parents unpleasantness.
When did your depression start? Was it soon after the birth? It could be post-natal depression which should have been recognised and treated at that time to prevent it becoming worse...

Clearly you are a more modern woman and your husband's family is traditional and you found that frustrating - millions of newly married women have discovered their in-laws aren't very nice for all sorts of reasons, but that doesn't make them depressed...
Depression, which makes a person feel rotten at the best of times, is likely to make your situation feel much worse than it really is.

You say your husband is a good man. I suggest you discuss your depression with him and say you want to see a doctor.
Drug treatment is very common for depression but there are a few things you can do to help the cure along as well.

If you are interested and want to know more please post again, preferably when you have seen your doctor, though that doesn't really matter, or send me a personal message and I can give you more information.

Please do not think I don't agree with you about your in-laws: they clearly aren't very nice by dragging you into dowry discussions and suggesting they mortgage your gold!

I hope you feel better soon...
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