Hi every one,

I infected with GERD before two years when I was sleep I wake up and some food stuck . after getting some help I survive . and after diagnostic I took Pantazol 40MG before bed for 3 months and went fine .

this year is coming again and I take the medicine again and my doctor may suggest to take it in rest of my life as first choice second is surgery .

this is fine with me but later I feel some problems headache and vertigo . My work is hard and around 10 hours daily (Programmer).

I do MRI with neurologist but he said everything is fine . and I visit E.N.T doctor and do some test for me he said it is fine and give me a betaserc 24 for 2 months .

but no result and he advice may be a problem with Blood in brain. but I Asked my doctor is there is GERD cause vertigo and he said no relation . but on of the doctors(ENT) advised may be it is a migrane

I need to know because I visit many doctors and this is affect on my health .

Thanks in advance.
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