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Migraines & Shakes after Concussion

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I was assaulted in October and punched five times in the left side of my head. I was diagnosed with a concussion and then post-concussive disorder. I did 2 months of full time rehabilitation. My symptoms of headache, noise sensitivity, light sensitivity, memory fog, and dizziness subsided enough that I went back to work. I damaged my left eye and changed my glasses presecription, and have floaties so sometimes I see a dark spot. I lost my sense of small and taste, but my taste has been slowly coming back but everything still tastes dull.

In end of November/early December I started noticing that I would have an aura that something was wrong, and then a few hours later I would have sensory halucinations (smell or sound or even just remembering mundane memories), then I would get these shakes where my head would jerk to the right, and sometimes my right leg would move and my right arm would jerk. I would feel my heart pounding afterwards and I would feel very tired. Sometimes these shakes lasted for so long or happened many times over an hour that I would pass out. A few times I didn't even know this was happening and I would be told by somebody there what happened. I would have slurred speech, confusion and numb hands up to a day afterwards.

Since last week my headache on the left side of my head has been so severe I can't work. I have been to ER twice about it and they think it is a migraine and gave me medicine. The medicine did not releive the pain, and only helped a bit with the nausea and light sensitivity. I have had an iv drip, tried OTC migraine medication, and 3 different perscriptions. When I move it gets worse. It looks as though I am looking through cracked glass, I am ligtheaded, ringing ears that affects my hearing, lightheadedness to the point that I nod off and catch myself before falling over, nausea to the point I feel like I am going to vomit, everything tastes salty, tingly lips, numb right side, confusion, and off balance.

Lately everything smells bad. Either like puke or rotting. When I use windex I think it smells like rotten apples.

My neurologist things I am having mini strokes (TIA), my family doctor thinks its seizures, and the ER docs think it is migraines. I had an MRI done in November, before this all started. I have another one booked for April, and can't get one done any sooner. All of my blood work on Saturday came back normal.

Is this just my brain healing? Or is this something else? If so, could it have been triggered by my concussion?
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