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Migraines or something else?

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hi i have recently been diagnosed with migraine i think its occular migraines. neuro prescribed propranolol 80mg once a day which gave me severe migraines?? i have for the last few days been taking 1.5mg one at night of pizotifen. i dont hav as many headaches but for last few months i hav this continued lightheadedness and weird vision daily. i am a creature of habit and my diet has not changed since i can remember and so i no its not food related im not under any stress either. i have lately been having these weird smells and tastes, i keep smelling cheese which i hate and dont even eat, and i get these weird metal tastes also, i have a numbness in my left arm which has been there for the lasts 5mths it hurts a bit but its bearable and its more of a hinderance i can use it i just can hold things for very long without dropping them. its hard because i dont always have the headaches but i have other symptoms constantly?? can anyone help with these on going symptoms??
wpuld b vry grateful
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