Hi all. I am a senior in college. I get debilitating migraine headaches 1-3 times a month. Often it will start as a dull but annoying headache in the evening, and I will wake up in the morning with the stabbing pain, always on the left side of my forehead above my eye. About once a month these headaches prevent me from sleeping, and I throw up in the early morning before I am able to go back to sleep. They last the whole day.

So, my question is.. this semester I have had way more absences than allowed due to these headaches. It is simply not possible for me to get out of bed, take the train to school, and interact with people with these headaches. My professors are understandably perplexed and unsure of how to grade me. Still, all of this is way easier on me than I imagine I will have when I secure a job.

I have found that pills don't work; furthermore I am taking zoloft which interacts with migraine medications (I used to have an rx for imotrex).

How do you deal? / keep jobs / obligations / etc? I don't want these headaches to stifle my future!
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replied May 1st, 2010
You need to see the doctor ALL THE TIME if you keep getting follow ups

temployers will tell you your headaches are your fault if you dont take it into you r hands and get them fixed.
which means goto the doctor EVERY week and follow up EVERY WEEK or you will continue this trouble for a long time.

dont wait to see the doc again.

i am in your same boat and just got suspended from work for migraines - kind hard to work at a call center when the migraine strikes
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