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Migraine same time each month

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I have been a regular sufferer of migraine headache since last couple of years but not so regular to the way it is now.

I get the attack on the 10 or 11 day after the first day of my menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle last for 5 days. Prior to the migraine i get the visual auras where sometimes i find loss of side vision or some balls or lines running its a very scary feeling at times, this last for max a minute and after some 10 min i will be down with severe headache. I feel nauseated, feel some stomach upset, many a times i get pang of hunger its everything associated together. Neither can i sleep, can't tolearte noise, light... say in a year i get this headache 9-10 months. It stays for some 4-6 hrs though the pain intensity starts decreasing after 2 hrs and sometime it occurs again but mild the next day.

Some help or advice would be highly appreciated.

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replied August 26th, 2008
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Have you noticed some other triggers for your migraine attacks or you find the appearance related with your period only?

Do you take some preventive drugs?

Have you experienced this in more than three consequential months?

Migraine that happens only around the period, beginning from 2 days before the start to 2 days after the end, and not at other times of the month, is known as pure menstrual migraine.
Usually, this type of migraine is more severe and more frequent than regular one.
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replied August 6th, 2011
Headache same time every month
I am, for the third month in a row, the recipient of what I've called a sinus headache, as the pain, particularly above, sometimes below the eye are debilitating. No OTC pill has made anything better, nausea has been supreme and it seems I have no recourse but to cancel all plans and be on the couch 4 days. Can't read, go on the computer, watch tv - really - is this 2011? Have a deviated septum, have been told I have no polyps. Been to two specialists. Honestly, I'm not lying about this. Seems to be no relief in sight for me. Feels like I've been whacked across the bridge of the nose with a baseball bat - even the tip of the nose gets cold to the touch. And, I'm post-menopausal and haven't had a period for 5 years. How weird is this. Help!
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replied August 11th, 2011
Thanks for the response 2netta - do often wake up with the headache and the only trigger I can relate to is dryness. I am on oxygen when I sleep and when I'm active (active is a misnomer - lol)and I do use Ocean to combat that as well as make an attempt to keep hydrated. I do have an upper denture and a lower partial. I've never had orthodontic treatment nor been evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea and am not taking any antidepressants. I just find the headaches coming at the same time monthly so terribly weird since I am post menopausal.
This month I was able to stave it off because I was at the ready and on guard. I took aspirin, something I haven't taken for years, at the first sign of that feeling that it was coming, and throughout the day at intervals and for the first time ever seem to have held it back. I'm ever vigilant now at the first twinge it's coming. Thanks for any input.
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replied August 11th, 2011
Wow - never would've considered that, believing my sinuses were the culprit, primarily because of the other respiratory problems, allergies and allergic rhinitis.....but dental may well be contributory.

Blood pressure is on the low end of normal; not overweight; not diabetic and no GERD. My only major problem is advanced COPD - a minor problem under management for 30 years is being hypothyroid/taking synthroid and checking it annually.

I am convinced I have no sleep apnea, as is my pulmonologist. But I will explore the neuromuscular side of this.....have a top dentist in my area and will speak to him at my 6-month check up next week.

Appreciate the input, always.
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