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Migraine or cluster headache ?

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As the title suggests, i have this little question concerning myself. Heres a few things.

Im currently 20 years old male, and the very first headaches i have ever got was around my 16 years. For now i will say that i currently havent got any headaches for at least 2 years, but im still curious to know what i had? Or whatever answers i may have.

I remember that the pain was horrible, everytime it started, the only thing that i wanted to do was to hit my head cause doing so calmed the pain in someway. These headaches would usually last around 2-4 hours? Maybe more, maybe less, dont remember well. As well as this headaches usually happened around 8-9 am (during classes, oh god, that was horrible) or around 3-4 pm. It was kinda strange to me, but after doing some research it seems to be quite normal for cluster headaches. Anyways, i may add as well that these headaches would usually come for around 10 days, and then disappear all of the sudden only to come back again in 2-3 months.

At first i didnt told anything to my parents, but as time passed, they really couldnt ignore the fact that i tend to band a lot my head when my headache starts, so they finally decided to take me to a neurologist. The neurologist diagnosis was migrain, and by that time i didnt had knowledge of cluster headaches (actually it was around these days that i discovered it). The doctor made me some exams, and in the end the doctor didnt found anything physical, and he kind of just said... its migrain. And so he prescribed me some meds

Anyways, here are some more info about what i remember of my headaches:

- It was... horrible, the pain was constant. At first the pain would be somehow... instants, and it kinda warned me that the headache is coming, until one of those suppose to be instant pains, becomes permanent (alright not permanent, maybe 2-4 hours?)
- The instant pains would usually happen at only one side of my head, be it the left or right, but the one that is constant would always be on my right side.
- I remember that i would wake up a lot because of these headaches, and i would start to feel some pain on my ears.
- Oh, i started to sleep because there would come a time where im sooo tired of hitting my head, that i would try to sleep to pass the time faster, although i would always ends up waking up.
- The meds that my doctor sent to me didnt worked, not even those analgesics. The analgesics wouldnt work even if i took 4-6 pills, I didnt tried more cause i was scared of an overdose.

So i guess thats all?
Anyways, so with my recent discovery of this cluster headaches, it really made me think that the headache that i used to have was more like this instead of the migrains. But then again, from what i have read, these ones usually occurs at the age of 20+, as well as there are no warning signs, as well as cluster headache sufferers cant sleep, that in my case, i sometimes could.

It may be as well as none of them and just a imanation made from my mind at the ages of 16-18. By the way, my headache ended after some acunpucture treatment. Cause i was already desperate, and the meds wouldnt work even though i changed them like 3 times, but in the end... the acunpucture kind of took it away, and havent had these headaches ever since, except some of those "instants". They may be instants, but they hurt so much...

And oh yeah, if you have read all of this, what do you think? Migrain or Cluster headache?
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