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Migraine associated vertigo and dizzy before hotflashes

Hi ladies

I have migraine associated vertigo (MAV), had it for 14 months. It's a silent migraine that causes dizziness instead of the migraine it's self. I have had dizziness everuday in some form, the dizzy sensations feel like a rocking/swaying, bobbing up and down, leaning or falling, it causes anxiety, panic, headache with neck pain, nausea. I'm finally getting less dizziness with it, but I've noticed before a hotflashe the dizziness is there, does anyone get dizzy before a hotflash? I also sometimes have chills get very cold before a hot flash, does anyone have this? I've been in meno for 4 yrs no periods. Had an awful peri. I'm 54 and the flashes didn't start til 2 yrs ago. Another weird thing when I flash I have go pee and can't wait. The flashes can get intense I get drenched, do you have this? Thanks for any help. I tried hormones can't use them. I'm also hypothyroid. It's a crazy life
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replied October 8th, 2016
I don't know that I've had actual hot flashes yet, but I do have sort of panic attacks where I start sweating, feet get sweaty and yes, my dizziness, off balance feelings get worse.
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