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Migraine and chlamydia

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Can anyone tell me if migraine and chlamydia could be connected? I recently got diagnosed with chlamydia which I know I must have had for over 5.5years. I read a bit on the internet that said it could cause temporal arteritis which can lead to migraine type headaches. The reason I'm so curious about the link is that just over 2.5 years ago I developed a severe migraine that also affected my vision. It took 8 months to diagnose but was eventually named Chronic Migraine with Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (aka Todd's Syndrome) and entomopia (fly-eye - about 6 images per eye for me)

Any information will be gratefully received, thanks
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replied May 29th, 2009
heyyy did you loose your vision kind of??? Because a person i knowww has chlamydia and she's been having head aches and a few minutes ago she lost vision on like half of her left i was wonderinq if that happend 2 you and what did you do 2 help yourself???
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