Hello there,

i am sexually active. My parents have knowledge of it and i have already had one Pregnancy scare last October against my consent. Me and my Boyfriend have been sexually active with one another and he doesnt like the idea of Protection.. I have Condoms but he says hes allergic. I tried getting him Latex free Condoms but he doesnt want it. My mom was going to get me on Birth Control but never got up to it.

We had Intercourse on the First Day of AF Last Month on the 19th. And While i was Ovulating This month on the 4th (hence me not knowing i was ovulating until viewing a calender of my 28 day cycle). I have been Experiencing Symptoms of Early Pregnancy and i am a bit concerned.
I was Experiencing some of the symptoms right after AF. So i am not Quite sure when i would of Conceived if i were to be Pregnant.

The First Symptoms i got after AF were:

Very Mild Nausea
Abdomen Spasms
Mussel Aches

The symptoms i Am Experiencing after Ovulation :

Very Mild Nausea
Heavy White milky non-Stretchy CM (ive never had visible CM until Now) -has mild smell-
Frequent Urination (does not burn nor itch)
Mild Tenderness in Breasts (mainly on the sides)
Bloated (been bloated since AF Last month)
Tight lower abdomen
Swollen Gums -on right side-
Feeling heart beat in stomach -never have Experienced that-
Cramps in lower abdomen
Gaining weight
Eating alot
Smell is better -walked past a house and it smelt nasty , could also smell the cat litter from my room-

I am 4 DPO Now.

Please comment your thoughts.

AF is not Expected until a week and 3 days. I have a test and will check the Morning of expected AF and see if AF comes to visit. Will keep you posted

-Note: I understand the emotional responsibility and physical responsibility of Being Sexually Active. Not to speak of my Life Story , but i am a victm of sexual abuse for 10 years until 2 years past , so in all honesty i cannot control what i feel. So please no Parental or Adult Figures Telling me what i already know.

I have a very good support system for a baby and money factor. i took care of my little sister who is now 5 , since she was an infant whilst my mom being at work. I am a very responsible young lady, although im sexually active , This is life, everyone grows up and things can and will happen in which we all must accept. so please take the time to see that our words cannot always change others, so why not offer guidance and help when needed in the correct way.

If i find out that i am Not pregnant and we are good to go, then i will find ways to make sure this doesn't happen again. Until i am Capable of handling Adult Dutys.

I need your support
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replied March 9th, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
Hi vafar, that's a pretty convincing list of early pregnancy signs. The main thing that puzzles me is that it is too early for a pregnancy starting this cycle. Were you sexually active at the beginning of February? You may be further along than you think and a pregnancy test right soon would tell. Perhaps you should clue in your mom who shares the blame for your predicament. My sympathy for your childhood trauma. You come across very smart and mature and have my best wishes for a satisfactory resolution.
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replied March 9th, 2015
Thank you , and yes i was sexually active the second week of February , i guess ill just check the test and take it too make sure
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