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Over the past week and a half or so, I've experienced occasional pain in the middle finger of my left hand (I'm right handed)-- the fleshy part, at the very tip. I would NOT describe this feeling as tingling or numbness; it is rather a sharp or burning pain. The vast majority of the time I don't experience it, but when I do it hurts very much. I've even gone for a couple of days at a time with nothing but the faintest pain. (Not today)

The most consistent time I feel this pain is when I go to bed, whenever that happens to be on a given day. I have noticed that the pain often starts very soon after I lie down. When I readjust the pillows on my bed-- elevating my head/neck, or readjusting the way my upper back rests on the bed, or even arching my back a little...I've noticed significant relief, at least for a while. Massaging the muscles in the hand provides relief but only for just about as long as I massage it. Standing up (at least since I starting paying closer attention) provides instant and almost total relief, except for the slightest/faintest twinge of a feeling which may very well be in my head.

Once I thought about it, I noticed that almost all instances of pain were associating with my lying down whether in bed or on the couch watching TV. Getting up and massaging my neck or arm muscles would usually do the trick, at least up to a point. The only times I can think other than when I've been laying down that I felt this pain were 1) standing up during a long concert by which point I'd stood in line for quite a while already, 2) the first time I felt the pain at all-- I may have been laying down at first, I really don't remember.

Touching it really doesn't set it off at all-- maybe it makes it worse if its already in pain, but maybe not.

I should mention that I'm obsessive compulsive and a terrible, terrible worrier. So of course I am concerned that I have some horrible nerve disease, or a spinal tumor, or some other horrible thing.

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replied November 13th, 2012
i am experiencing the same problem for over a week and i also take too much stress just like you
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