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Microgeston Fe 1/20 with no bleeding

I have been on microgeston Fe 1/20 for two years now and the ENTIRE time I have been on this pill I have NOT had a period. I have seen MANY doctors about this and they all assure me I am OK- they all have basically explained to me that the hormone level in my pill is so low that I am not building enough uterine lining to shed. Really? Two years and still not anything in there to shed? Its just weird because I am sexually active with my boyfriend and I constantly have to take pregnancy test to ensure that I am not pregnant even though all the doctors have told me if I'm taking my pill how Im supposed to I should be ok.

Has anyone else experienced this? The doctors I have talked to told me they can certainly give me a period but I really don't need one and nothing is wrong with my body. I'm just scared that this will effect me when I want to get off the pill and start trying for kids in the future.

I ask the same questions on every gyno visit and get the same answers.

advice, tips, suggestions. thanks! Is microgeston even a good brand of hormone?
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replied March 12th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
ThompsonMere, Not bleeding while on the pill has been shown to not cause problems. The bleeding that you would see while on the pill is anyways not menstruation but withdrawal bleeding.

The pill stops your ovulation and the uterus lining will not thicken as the hormones to trigger that is not there. So when you get to the inactive pills, the hormones stop and your uterus lining will bleed because of that. This is not menstruation where releasing the egg at ovulation will cause a hormone that will trigger the uterus lining to thicken and prepare for implantation. When no implantation occurs and the hormone has spent itself, your uterus will dissolve the prepared lining and excrete it as menstrual flow (hence the cramping and bloating).

Take care.
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