I'm 22 years old male, 195 cm , 93 kg from Sweden. I injured myself really badly doing squat in gym and it showed to be a severe L4-L5 disc herniation which left me with no other option than surgery. I had no low back pain before surgery but a really bad sciatica pain which disappeared right after surgery and now it's been like 7 months and i wanna go back to gym. I know that i should contact a physical therapist but i live in a relatively small town in Sweden and I've already been in contact with 2 different physical therapists but i don't feel like i can trust them at all. I contacted my surgeon before visiting these physical therapists and he told me three things to keep in mind. 1) Not bending over and lifting off floor. 2) No sudden twist and rotation of lower back 3) No movement that compresses spine.
And guess what, both these physical therapist gave me sit-ups at the very start of the recovery, I am one of those persons who dig deep into everything so i started arguing with these therapists and they just told me that "this is the program we give to everyone after disc surgery". Sit-ups is so god damn hard on the back even for a normal person and you want me to do it after my back surgery? How can a program be used both for Anterior and Posterior cases?
These therapist only had one major program for everybody which is a god damn joke to me. They had seen in my MRI that i have a Posterior herniation which means that exercises like sit-ups are like poison for me but anyway, i'm now in this really tough situation that i don't have anybody else to go to for help so me helping myself is the only option left.
I know that i should do a lot of core/back exercises, specially for strength and stabilization. I've already tried to educate myself as much as i can about core/back exercises but i would really appreciate it if you could give me some tips about best exercises with someone with my conditions.
I am kinda tall so it's like twice as important for me to have a rock solid core/back to keep that good posture so i just wanna focus on that for a while to build a strong structure so i can build upon that later on.
Please help me if you can as i have not much option left.

Thank you
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