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10mg of Duphaston during early pregnancy

I had my LMP on 5th June. Did a Blood HCG test on 14th July and it was 2621mIU/mL. Went to my gynaecologist on 15th, she said I am pregnant and precribed me 10mg of Duphaston twice a day (Morning and Night) and Folic acid 5mg once a day for next 15days. She has asked me to come for ultrasound on 29th of July.

My history is : I had a miscarriage during Feb of 2012 due to no fetal heartbeat. Then after 1 year of planning got pregnant now.

Is 10mg of Duphaston enough, because people say they are having 200mg twice a day of progesterone.. I m worried is this enough for early pregnancy. She didnt do any progesterone test also.. Kindly reply me.
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replied August 16th, 2013
same as my wife here...
we just went for the scan and she's now 7 weeks and 5 days..
doctor recommended duphaston 10mg is for the safety of the baby to prevent bleeding and miscarriage until the baby is 12 weeks old..
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