the watershed claims to get people off high doses of methadone safely and comfortably.. im on 63 mgs a day of methadone for 4 years and also 3 mgs of xanex a day for 4 years. i also started using herion again 4 weeks ago. very little though. less than a bag a day. i am terrified. how good are these medical detox now a days?? they say they have a full pharmacy on the property and i will be watched very closly. when i call i talk too x addicts. they wont let me talk to any doctors. is this normal. what questions should i ask them? should i wait till im on a lower dose?? please just tell me the truth. i dont know if i will be able to handlle this. what have i gotten myself into?!?!?? i cant even find any good forumns on the internet where there is people who has gone thru the medical detox. its like probably cause people dont do it cause its so painful. i even asked the watershed if i can talk to a patient who has gone through it. they said yes but never came thru. i am afraid once i get down there it will be hell???? please help me better understand what ill be going thru. how will they get me off of this terribe drug in 10 to 14 days being coomfortabe??? hoow is this possible??? are they just telling me what i want to hear???
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replied December 31st, 2011
Hi, I was just wondering if you did this medical detox & if it worked?
Im on 115mg, & I xeroxed off it b4 when I was only on about 60mgs, & that took me about a year total to be off everything. I decreased my does gradually, then "jumped" at about 15-20 myself, & then they gave me some pills for the withdrawals, like a muscle relaxant patch, a muscle relaxant pill- methocarbonal, Oxyzapam, other anxiety meds, Rx Ibrupropin, stomach meds, sleeping pills. They then gradually decreased these, but I had trouble sleeping still so had to stay on a light sleeping pill for about 1/2 a year,(gradually decreasing). This way worked well & I was able to function, but it did take awhile.
I am very curious tho about these fast methadone withdrawals...anyone have experience doing this?
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