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Metatarsal-cuniform exostosis

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I have had a small boney protrusion on the top of my foot all my life. Only recently however, the bump on the right foot only has begun to grow and become tender when I am wearing shoes. I am a rancher and have to wear cowboy boots frequently and the pain is almost unbearable with those on. Is it the best idea to have surgery to remove the bump since it is unreasonable to insert padding into a boot? Also, I am beginning to have symptoms of plantar fasciatis. Is this all inter-related??
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replied August 9th, 2011
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An exostosis like the one you describe is usually due to one of three reasons. It can be from a direct trauma, such as dropping something on the foot. It can be from a significant twisting injury, causing the ligament holding the two bones to lay down bone at its attachments. Or it can be from overuse, over time, the bones rubbing against each other, the body produces bone spurs to decrease some of the motion. Or it can be a combination of things.

But, whatever the cause, how do you treat it? If the mass of bone is in an area that cannot be padded easily, then resection can be done. The key to resection, is to not damage the ligament holding the bone together. If the ligament has to be taken down to shave off the bump, then it will have to be reattached.

The biggest risk with removing the bump, is that it may come back. Especially, if the underlying problem is not corrected. But, it should decrease the symptoms you are having with your boots rubbing on it.

Good luck.
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