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Metalic taste in my mouth

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have a strong metal taste in mouth started 3 mo. ago will not go away. feels like chewing foil.only meds are norco 3.5

could it be neuro. dentist says teeth are ok
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replied May 16th, 2011
Are your gums bleeding? I get a mineral taste from the numerous meds I take, but usually if I have a metallic taste, its blood. chance do you keep your breathe mints or gum in the same place as your spare change? Just a thought....sometimes it's the most obvious answer...good luck finding out what's up!
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replied October 16th, 2011
Have you recently ingested any zinc cold remedies? These products can cause olfactory nerve damage which results in odd smells/tastes and even a complete loss thereof. I have olfactory nerve damage from a zinc cold remedy (cough lozenges) and I smell sulphur or burnt hair all the time. When the damage first occured I smelled ammonia very strongly.
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