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Metabolism returning to normal ?

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I was wondering how long it takes for your metabolism to return to normal after a person has started recovering from an eating disorder?? After the initial weight gain will my metabolism return to normal and I go back to the healthy weight I was at before I began the disordered eating?? I'm getting so frustrated, but I don\'t want to fall back into the disorder. It's so hard to keep focus and not fall back into that. Especially when I see my thighs and stomach getting larger and I feel like I can't do anything about it. I think I'm really messed up. haha

Please, please help!

Thank you so much!!
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replied May 22nd, 2009
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Hi there!
Don't worry! Your metabolism will improve soon. I used to detox for months and months, so I know how that can be. It takes time to get your metabolism running efficiently. You will be able to eat as you used to. It can take a few months, if you have been restricting your calories for a long time. My tip for you is to be active! Work out for an hour a day and you will not put a lot of weight on. Try to eat healthy, and smaller meals. Also, I would take a multivitamin or any other vitamins. They will speed up your metabolism, and you will be back to normal very soon. Good luck.
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replied May 23rd, 2009
Thank you so, so much!!! I have been trying to be active and just work on not focusing on food as much but doing what is right for my body! Thank you so much again! That is so encouraging to me!! Smile
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