Hey everyone. I'm new to this site and my situation prompted me to seek advice!

I'll try and keep it as read-able as possible.

Basically, i'd known this girl for about 5 years, we met on a night out. We used to text and stuff on and off. Then in the last couple of years it became more flirty. We then went out for a drink and we hit it off as per usual. She told me she was 'seeing someone'. I was completely cool with that. Anyway, a few more months down the line, it transpired that she has broken up with her bf (of 2 years). They split up because he is a Sikh and she is a Muslim, and he basically chose is family over her.

A couple of months later we started to spend a lot of time together, we were literally inseperable, staying at each other's houses, it felt like we were a couple, though we weren't officially. In fact, she gave me the 'i'm not ready for a relationshio' chat as soon as we got together. Everything was amazing, until one night she was out I heard that she'd been seen drunkenly snogging some fella. I confronted her, she was very apologetic, said she was v drunk etc etc. After a day or two i was over it, afterall we weren't officially 'exclusive' to each other.

However, not long after this, things went downhill fast, she barely seemed interested in spending any time with me and us doing anything together became hard work. When we did spend time together, it was still very couply, holding hands, kissing etc etc. Then it gets tricky, unbeknown to me, her ex was back on the scene, and she was spending alot of time with him, unsurprisingly, this coincided with me and her not spending much time together.

This carried on for a few months, and then we had a big chat, she told me how she was still heartbroken over her ex, and hated herself for not being able to make me hers. (They are only words i know).

A few more months later and she is the only girl on my mind. And here is where i made the biggest mistake, drunkenly I sent her a stupid text message telling her i was in love with her. She didn't reply, but text me the next day saying 'hey, u have a good night? x'

I recently asked her to come to my brother's wedding, and she did. She was on my arm all day and it was lovely. We felt like a couple again. Then as soon as we got back from the wedding, it's gone to being incredibly cold again.

Basically, I'd love your thoughts, and some advice on how to win her over again. Even after all this, I know she is the one for me.

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