Hey guys!!
So of my bio..
I'm 22, female. Brown hair, green eyes.. people tell me Im beautiful, and since I have been losing weight, and working out. I believe it.

So, basically.. I met the most handsome man I HAVE ever seen in my life, through myspace. He was a friend of a friend, and I messaged him, and asked "if I know him, he looks familiar". He ended up giving me his number, and now it has been about 3 months.. we talk at least 3 times a week..text here, text there.. and mostly drunk calls...

Sat night I actually met him!!
He came down about 45 mins to see me, and waited until I got home at 3 am.
I was drunk and he was drunk..and I invited him over.
He made out.. fooled around..and I went down on him.. He didnt touch me, nor get a chance. I was teasing him mostly.. but did.. do my thing..

I feel like a complete idiot !!!

He hasnt called either..

Have i totally messed everything up..?

If a girl does that.. is there more to look forward to (in his mind)? or..Should I try to forget about him..

(He is total eye candy. He is a body model at abercrombie and fitch.. and basically knows he looks amazing.)

I'm totally confused.. if going into this I was aware of how he is, why is it so hard to de'ttach emotionally..

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replied July 1st, 2008
Body-Love Is just Sex
You got a bad case of Body-Lust, Please, Don't call it "LOVE" cause it ain't. And if I were the man with the same Body-Lust, I would be coming back for more,and more and more. Why buy the cow when the milk is free.
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