Hi all!

So I'm on the contraceptive patches, I normally change it on a Sunday morning, after my run. Buuuut, me and the boyfriend planned a romantic week away and I left them at home! Didn't manage to change it until Friday night, when we got home.

Last period was 11th - 16th June, so by my calculations, I ovulated somewhere around Wednesday. I didn't realise until Wednesday either that I'd left it at home, so we'd been having lots of bedroom time too. We stopped after that, but there were still all the swimmers from the past few days.

I did a couple of Google searches, and the patch has up to 9 days of hormones, which would have protected me until Monday night/Tuesday morning. I also had to restart my cycle, so I won't get my next period until around 21st July.

I haven't had any symptoms, as such; it is only 5 days past ovulation, so I'm not expecting anything, really. But I woke up last night, with cramps, and I've been feeling like period is on her way all day. I'm not sure if it's because I am pregnant or just the hormones from the patches messing me up.

Anyone have any similar experiences or have some advice?

Thank you x
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replied July 1st, 2014
Someone please. I started spotting. Is it worth taking a test when my period should be here?
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replied July 2nd, 2014
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i think you're slightly over-reacting about the spotting. The patches are hormone based just like the pill and when people mess up the pill they have the same time.

I would abstain from sex until you've had your period, if you don't get one wait 7 days and take a pregnancy test if negative and you still don't get your period repeat the test after another 7 days.

if both are negative then pregnancy isn't likely, your period not showing is more likely from not using the patch correctly.

if you don't have a period for 2 months then i would consider a visit to your doctor and in the mean time use condoms all the time or don't have sex
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