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messed up brown blood period

I started my period last Wednesday, started off brown then changed to red, but not dark red, felt heavy though I know I wasn't.. This Monday, I had brown blood again, and Tuesday lighter brown blood... and now today I have a lighter color red.

Last time I did the deed was during ovulation time (beginning of the month)--- hubby wore a condom, but that came off of him (as I had pulled it out of me).. and I am not on bc as I do not have health insurance nor do I have medical assistance. So, no bc on my end. Please do not say to get ahold of your doctor because I do not have a physician in this state that I am in now.

This is how I have been feeling the last few weeks: I have been nauseated here and there, boobs hurt here and there, very tired.. I took a home pregnancy test on Monday before I got my period and it was negative
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replied December 24th, 2008
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If you got your period, then you are probably not pregnant.

Brown is not normally a color to be worried about.
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