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Mental Stress - when he gets bored he calls me...

Hai I'm 19 year old girl.. Recently I was greatly affected by mental stress... Don't know how to come out of it.. Feeling so much down.. I feel like i was been used up... I'm in need of some tips to come over this... My problem is.. My boyfriend has started ignoring me without any reason.. I thought it would be maturity... But he became more rude that, he prefers me badly for talking unwanted chats... I feel like being used up for his wish... when he gets bored he calls me... he never consider me as a human with same feeling as he has... i love him so much from my heart... But he considers only my external affairs( my body)... i need a solution for this problem... I'm ready for any changes to be taken...
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replied April 21st, 2014
Extremely eHealthy

I think if your boyfriend is around your own age at least part of the problem is his lack of maturity and self knowledge.
Boys and men generally mature slower and later than girls so at around twenty years of age they can easily be five years behind females in the terms of emotional development. It can be more in wealthy environments and less in poorer environments.

You are saying he likes your body and what you can do for him sexually no doubt and treats you like a possession but doesn't credit you with feelings or personality.
I think you are saying he is jealous and possessive.

These things are typical of many immature and maladjusted men.

Your love for him is keeping you prisoner and he is using your love as a weapon to beat you with and as a means to remove your pride and dignity.

You are nineteen and should be embarking on some of the very best years of your life. Those years are short and you can never have them again - they are too short to be wasted by being miserable unnecessarily.

It takes a great deal more than love to make a good working and happy relationship and love is often a disadvantage. Half the people on Earth are in love with a person they can't have a good relationship with. Many of them went through a hell of misery before they found sense and the strength to walk away.

I advise you do both yourself and your boyfriend a big favour and find the strength to walk away now and never look back.
Unless you do that you might never have the chance to find a person who respects you and enjoys your personality and who will protect your dignity.

Unless you do that you are doomed to a life of misery.

Unless you do that your current boyfriend might never mature and grow into a man.

Once you walk away, which will be hard and strange at first, you will establish a new routine and with it your stress and misery will diminish as your emotional bruises heal. Find new things to do and new people to talk with and let these things fill your time. In a few months you won't think about your old boyfriend very often.

Please come back if you need to discuss things further.
Good luck!
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replied April 23rd, 2014
Thanks Yaar!!! Its hard to stay away from him... But as u mentioned.. I will make new surrounding to come out of this... Hope I would recover soon..
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replied July 30th, 2014
I think he have an other girl, so keep track of what your boyfriend keeps doing. sry if i hurt you.
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replied August 1st, 2014
If you think you are being used up just avoid him for some time. Don't pay any attention toward him.If he have some feeling towards you he will surely be back to normal behaviour.
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