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Mental illness? OCD, ADHD? Bi polar?

I am curious to a docs opinion if this is mental, ocd, adhd, some other issue? My ex claimed he loved me and wanted to spend rest of his life with me. He blew up over $300 and his words lost it and blew up. he then kicked me out for it. he has adhd i think or something. he cant sit still on any couch or get comfortable even his own he has had 6 yrs. he is 36 otherwise healthy. claims he has muscle issues. he cant hold my hand without having to let go at most a min. he cant cuddle without it bothering him. he cant sit close or put arm around. he has a lot of ocd as well. he rearranges pillows several times a night. then ends up with the same pillow he started with. he cleans up after me as i cook, cant wait till i am done. he picks up crumbs with is finger that some time arent even there. He has never read a book all the way. No matter how perfect I do the laundry he always finds something wrong with it. He complains all the time. he wont put his cell phone down, picks it up every few secs to see whats there. he has a bad temper. a month in to dating blew up in front of theater cause my son was late and we missed the movie, yelled at me but says it wasnt directed at me! threatened to kill someone at his bowling very drunk and blames that as an excuse. blows it off as nothing, cause it wasnt directed at anyone in particular. got kicked off the league for a year. comes home slamming stomping, urinates in front yard and rmbrs none of it. he has quit drinking since didnt drink a lot b4. he overthinks everything. thinks everyone is out to screw him over. says he doesnt care how others see him in public. Uses a credit card to buy food at MCd's realized it wasnt one he wanted to use cause the numbers on CC wouldnt have ended up even would have been some change left has to go back in to get refund and use another card. oh and gets mad and yells for no reason in stores, because he has to wait 5 mins at redbox or cause no one will help him in best buy, or a grocery store is too crowded. Blew up on way home from duke gardens cause got lost for 10 mins and even ran through red lights. Has road rage (even admits this)complained whole time we were there that we didnt have enough time to see everything, we had almost 2 hrs. too many bugs. has to talk about some things very loud in public cause he thinks others want to hear what he has to say. He lost me because of it all. Opinions??? Anyone??? Does a man like this need help and or meds?
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replied July 20th, 2012
He might have OCD and ADHD. I think it's possible to have both at once. The ADHD would account for not being able to sit still and being impulsive. Maybe bipolar, but that has highs and lows. I hope this has been helpful.
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