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Mental health-Psychotic breakdowns, possible conditions?


This question is about my sister, i'm sure she has mental health problems but she wont go see a doctor and so I need some advice, possibly any ideas about what her condition could be.

Her past:
- A couple years back, she had a “psychotic breakdown” for which she locked herself in the washroom, ranted like crazy, talked about all kinds of made up things and eventually called an ambulance herself. The doctors said that it was a stress induced psychotic breakdown and prescribed her some pills (I forgot what they were called). At that time, she had flunked out of university, forged a diploma in order to hide her failures and even racked up huge debts from credit cards. And so, the doctors only prescribed the pill for about half a year and said that after that she should be fine. However, after the pills, she gradually began to revert back to odd behavior so I think there must be something more than just stress
- After this breakdown, my father mentioned that he had something similar in his youth but he never gave any details and never does anything to try to resolve her problems

So her symptoms:
- she hasnt left the house in about 7-8 months now and even in the house, she hasnt gone outside her room (apart from the washroom)
- she sleeps all day and mostly does something in the middle of the night (not sure exactly what it is...)
- she lives in the dark (she covers the windows, holds some cloth/rag over herself so that no one can see her, she even goes to the washroom in the dark)
- I think she might be buying diet pills online
- she buys all kinds of chemical solution type things to change her skin colour and hair colour, she wants be look "aryan"
- she rarely washes, she seems to be devoid of all sense of cleanliness
- she is supposed to be doing a masters right now, but i dunno how thats going since i cant imagine any good supervisor not wanting to at least meet their student for almost a year.
- she rants a LOT, about how she hates all kinds of things (especially about my mother, my race, other visible minority races, actually quite neo-nazi type rants that are quite scary to hear) and im not 100% if she only rants with an audience or to herself.
- she keeps saying that "people did things to her" but she never says who or what "things" are to matter how much you try to get her to give details. Also, she lied quite extensively for years before so personally, im 100% sure that statement is a flat out lie and just an excuse to shift the blame out for her failures in life
- she has paranoia issues since she always avoids all windows or contact with the outside world, she thinks that my dad sets people to follow her and so on AND she is convinced someone has hacked her computer.

Finally, i come from a culture where family honour is a big thing, so my parents would probably not want to publicly seek for help since it would bring shame to the family. Personally, i think without the pill, she acts like someone who needs professional help and her racist rants, need some serious counseling. But, since her previous breakdown resulted in only the name "psychotic breakdown" and no real mental health disease, my parents think that it might be a one time thing and let her current symptoms slide for the most part.

So to conclude, I would like to know if those symptoms line up with a particular condition or just consecutive psychotic breaks? The thing is, she started to slide gradually into this kind of behaviour ever since she stopped taking the pills so i do think that it must be more than just stress induced breakdowns.
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replied August 21st, 2012
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