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mental harrashment

I am 20 years old , respected doctor I forgot every thing very quickly . I am very depresed , I am doing my graduation as well as appearing for CA entrance exam which will held on 17 June, every words I learn the next day I forgot soon what should I do doctor ? I have lots of dream , i want to be chartered accountant which is not impossible , I can do but today I am suffering from what I dont know , I got scared any time I cant remember as well as it seems I am avoiding my studies , I have a dream to to be c.a and earn my livly hood , we are middle class family and I dont want to share my problems with my family they will be in tense if I do so . I want to give every kind of happines to my papa and mumy . but today I got seek and this can be cured by you doctor please suggest me what should I do . I do a lot of hard work these days because when I am at class 12 i remembered easily but now I am in graduation it seems as impossible , I tense any time how should I support my family my papa . I cry the whole night today I am 20 I am adult now still I cant help my papa. doctor , when I look at my papa and my small family , I go behind my room and tears came out ,its shame too say .. but what should I do ? please help me ... IM sorry doctor I share every thing .
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