I was verbally abused by my father for 11 years. This has really destroyed my self esteem to the point where I wanted to kill myself to get away. At this point my father let me go stay with my mom after years of begging. I can't even enjoy my life without having flashbacks about the things he did to me. This has cause me to punch myself in the face and I do it very frequently. I am very scared of dying from this considering the fact that my head continuously hurts after this. I really should go to a hospital because I CANNOT STOP!!!! Everyday I wake up sad ready to put a bullet in my brain but I don't because I know that my mother cares about me and it would break her heart if I was gone. I always told myself that despite having the urge to take my own life. My father has apologized and then kept doing the same thing which shows me that he is not sorry. I have also realized that I was just like him in a way because I did not know how to get along with any of the other kids. I didn't understand it But now I completely understand and I really cannot blame them. I know nobody would care if I was dead and my existence would mean nothing to anybody. Why am I still alive? I should have killed myself a long time ago... Please someone help!!!
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replied March 26th, 2018
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There is a kind of brain damage that results from genetics or birth trauma. It's called congenital brain damage. It is not included, though, within the standard definition of brain damage or traumatic brain injury.

Some brain injuries cause focal -- or localized -- brain damage, such as the damage caused when a bullet enters the brain. In other words, the damage is confined to a small area.
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