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Mental blockings during intimacy with girlfriend.

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The title might be missleading. Also, I don't know if I'm posting in the correct section.
I apologize for both things.

I need help with possibly something normal amongst men, specially my age or men new to intimacy.

Two months ago I met a girl. We've been dating since then. Her house is small so she spends some nights at my house. She spend 1/3 of the total nights passed since the begginging of the relationship here. That means she spent an important amount of time here.

The main problem is my sexual performance during those nights. I hope it has a solution.

A little bit about my past:
21 years old, never had a girlfriend, never penetrated a woman before my actual girlfriend.
During the time I was single I masturbated alot (3-4 times a week, some weeks signficantly more). I used alot of explicit sexual material.
When I had my "special" moments, I had no problem at all. I lasted 7-15 minutes and felt good. I dare to say I kinda needed those relaxation moments to get rid of the stresses I had.
I once read that having a regular need for pornography would be a problem later because of the level of explicit material you'd need, therefore losing your "imagination"...

Since the first night me and my girlfriend had together I couldn't achieve a maximun erection nor being able to have an orgasm nor feeling close to it. The semi-erection I had only lasted a few minutes. The slightlest distraction would bring it down for a good while, this meaning that I couldn't get it up easily.
Since the first night, my girl always kept me less worried. She was totally fine with it. She always told me to calm down and don't worry.

What worries me the most is that she does things, or we end up in beautifull positions that a "normal" man would have a full erection for a good period of time. I don't.
The only thing that makes me have a full erection is intense kissing, but also for a small period of time.
I don't want to be very graphic, so I apologize for the next reference: even when she uses her mouth or her hands it doesn't work that well.
I am uncut so the minimun contact with my penis's head hurts. I taught her that she could use lubricants that I did buy to try them out but only used it once with not a good result.

We even tried doing extended foreplay with no result as well.

I'm starting to worry and I can't find a good solution to it. We talk alot about that and she always tells me not to worry but I can't help the feeling of failure towards me and her.

Something that confuses me is that when I'm alone I can masturbate completely normal with a full erection even with a condom to try it out without having problems. With her, I only penetrated her once and lasted only 3 minutes, aprox.

So, eHealth Forums, what do you suggest? I don't want drugs. I want a natural solution.

To anyone providing any help, I thank you deeply.
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replied January 6th, 2015
simplest solution same has happened to my sibling whom has just recently had a child with his first. he has lost interest in her and now is back addicted to porn and world of war craft. same as I advised him when asked and needed advice about their problems which almost lead to her leaving/kicking him out. the advice I gave him has worked wonders for him, DROP THE TECHNOLOGY!!! no seriously not even to be mean it will ruin you from life. none of the women In those are real women same for the men most have turned lesbian or gay or have no interest in sex after that lifestyle none of it is real all it is to them is a paycheck. do more as in quality time with your girl no masturbating at all what so ever <- this eliminates you being satisfied so she can actually enjoy sex with you for once. eventually you will start craving and it wont matter. if you have lights on this could be the problem as well, you are nervous if so. make her your sexual toy and drop the rest.<- lol sorry wasn't meant to be rude. if all this fails its more then you. it may be that you are not attracted to her. if it persist all I can say is move on...
good luck Smile
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