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menstrual period twice a month

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I have a number of things bothering me lately. For the past year I have been getting my period twice a month insead of just one. Each time it lasts for 5 days and is normal flow. My doctor put me on birth control to try to regulate it but after 9 months there is no change. Maybe 2 times so far it has skipped the middle-of-the-month cycle and it has this month but the second time for this month is also late by about 3 days now. Also my left breast has been having growing pains but not the right. I've also had about 3 sores under my toungue, one ontop, and an ulcer on my lip.
I am not sure what all of these mean. I have been a bit stressed this weak after getting into a fight with my brother 5 days ago and have consumed more sugar than usual since then and I'm wondering if any of that has something to do with it.
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