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Menstrual Cycle is being crazy! Please help!!!

Okay, to start of I am 26 years old. I first got my period when I was 13. I've never had any issues with my cycle, even starting and coming off of birth control after I graduated high school. My period cycle has always been every 27-28 days, like clockwork and lasting about 5-6 days. Two months ago, I got my period 5 days early, day 22, lasting only 4 days. It threw me off a bit, I took two pregnancy tests cause my friends had me freaking out because my period was lighter than usual. The following month, I got my period on day 22, again lasting for only 4 days, but my flow was back to normal. I went to see my gyno... she says that it's perfectly fine and did a pregnancy test in the office just to be sure. Today is day 23, no period yet.... I've been cramping, my breasts have been sore, all usual signs of getting my period... but no period. If its switching back to 28 days, I'm expecting to get it on the 3rd of June, but with how it's being, I dont know what to expect. Anyone know what could possibly be happening??? Please!

Thank you!
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replied May 30th, 2018
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You have been really lucky to have such stable cycles up to now. But you are now at an age where your fertility starts to change.

For example, you are already 8% less likely to get pregnant within a year thaan when you were 20 yo. You are 2% more likely (5%) to be infertile than when you were 20 yo. From here on, things will speed up until you are basically very unlikely to get pregnant by your early 40’s. These changes also affects your cycles.

This is not meant to scare you. You may stay super fertile well into your 40s, but we cannot predict that. We only have the general fertility statistics.

Other things that can affect your cycles are stress and worry, heavy exercise, low body fat, medicines, insulin and physical issues like ovarian cysts.

It may be a good time to visit your doctor to discuss this and get a well woman exam.

Take care!
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