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Menstral like cramping with no period, not pregnant

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I went to the gyno a week and a half ago, she did the regular pap smear and that was it. It was very uncomfortable and it felt like I had cramps while the procedure was being done rather than the 'pressure' feeling she described it to feel like.
I had cramps for a couple of hours after the visit, and I didn't think anything of it. I am not sure if the appointment has anything to do with this, but a few days later I was bloated, no cramping or anything. As of right now, I have been having cramps on and off for a couple of days, progressively getting a little worse (mild), but i'm not as bloated anymore. The day I had my appointment I had had a sharp pain on my left side (where my ovary is) that morning and told the doctor, but she just said my ovary was slightly larger than the other one, and it was 'about that time' for me to be ovulating. Right now, my period isn't supposed to start for another two weeks, so the cramping isn't making sense to me. Also, there is no way for me to be pregnant. The Dr. took a test while I was there, and I have not had sex for 3+ months.
I have been reading about bloating symptoms along with constant mild cramping with no period, and I just want to set my mind at ease that this isn't something serious like ovarian cancer. I am 22 years old, if that helps with anything.
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replied February 11th, 2013
some side notes as well if it will help, I am a smoker (maybe 5 cigarettes a day) and I typically eat 800-1100 calories a day.
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