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Menopause & Vaginal Fluid

I thought most women experienced vaginal dryness as a result of menopause but I am having the opposite "problem". I turned 50 recently. In January I had a period which lasted several weeks. In February I had my last period (8 mos ago now) Prior to January I had been on the pill for quite sometime. I have read that you are not considered to have hit menopause until you have no periods for 12 months. I do have an occasional hot flash, though I was having them more frequently in the spring than now. I also have not gained weight, I am diabetic and with some medicine changes I have actually lost about 40 lbs. My questions now is a rather embarrassing one (aren't they all!) I am finding that I am much more sexually aroused than I ever used to be, moreover, I am constantly "wet". The fluid is thin, not nearly as viscous as it used to be. I have not come across this in anything that I have read. Should I be concerned?
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replied October 9th, 2010
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Hi Cricketfern and welcome to ehealth...Many women find that as they age and get through Menopause that sexually they "are in heat"...I, found this true even after my complete Hysterectomy at age 47.....It sounds like you are going through this great....Enjoy what you have and stop being embarrassed....You have only just begun....Take care...

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