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Meningitis transmission through sex ?

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i was looking threw my boyfrineds old papers and i found out when he was born he had virl or spinal mangitus, he said he was treated and cued .hes 29 and he said he was treated when he was born 4 it.weve been having unpretected sex a lot latly and my stomics swollen and i when i pee itrs cloudy. pluse i took a test and im not pregnant. i looked up viral nad spinal and it says is highly contagus and not treatable.ive gaven him oral for the 1st time and his cum tasts like i going to die.he said my stomic swollen becouse ive dramticaly cute bk on
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replied March 26th, 2010
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Jeniffer, His viral meningitis is looooooong gone so calm down - you are NOT going to die from giving him oral.

Not all men's semen taste good and some women will never ever get to like the taste of semen. It is flavored by his diet, so if he drinks a lot of coffee, it will be bitter for example. If he eats a lot of meat, it will likely taste bad. If he drinks fruit juices, it will be sweeter. If it tastes bad, ask him to tell you when he is about to ejaculate and get him off with your hand. Many men gets excited seeing themselves ejaculate on their partner, rather than in her mouth. So find out what he likes and try to accommodate him. Do NOT do something you do not want to do.

Having unprotected sex however is not wise. Are you trying to have a baby with him? He can have an STD and pass that on to you. Not all STDs can be seen with your eyes. Giving him oral sex is also not healthy if he's got an STD.

Go with him and get STD screenings for both of you, that way you will know what is safe.

Please be very careful!
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