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meningitis and depression

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when I was 18 months old (now 55) I had meningitis...swelling on the brain which needed two holes drilled into my head for have brain it possible that this has caused my longtime clinical depression?..apart from that I have no after effects..Glendaean
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First Helper bel4912

replied December 12th, 2011
Hello, I'm in the same position. I had neonatal meningitis and have been struggling with depression since childhood. From what I've read there may be a link-- some authors have identified symptoms of post-traumatic stress-disorder among children treated for meningitis as well as their parents and siblings. As there is a history of depression/ bipolar in my family and that my growing-up conditions were somewhat difficult I thought my issues were due to these but now I'm starting to see how everything comes together. Hope that helps.
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replied August 30th, 2012
depression response
I was 11 with meningitis. When I came home, I was constantly thinking of self as being a burden to everyone. As well, I often presented with classic temper tantrum. Vicious cycle of both. Depression heavy. Generally over time I came way down off it, but often times feelings of worthless, overly in debt to society, feelings of residual after effect symptoms will never leave sometimes take a heavy toll. But with two teen children, and me being a single unemployed mother, my children very successful off at school, grades, aspirations, etc... Life really is very good. I have come a Long way. This would not be possible if I did NOT have a purpose. Smile
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