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Menieres? nausea, vertigo and loose stool

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I am looking for some assistance or something....

So here is my story. In 2004 ( I was in the Navy and an Aircraft Mechanic and just shy of my 21st birthday) I was driving home and my hearing in my left ear went out and I started having this roaring tinitus. I did have some vertigo for a few days. Not like drop down vertigo, but wasn't right, ya know?

Anyway, I went to the doctor a few days later when it wouldn't go away. I remember throughout my teen years I would get an very quick intermittent hearing loss, a little tinitus, but cant remember real vertigo... anyway, in this case I waited a few days to go to the doctor to see if it would go away. So I get a hearing test which showed no responses on several freqs and very high 80+ responses on the other freqs. The doctor ordered an MRI and it came back negative. They didnt know what caused it so they diagnosed menieres.

I actually didnt know they diagnosed menieres until like two years ago when I was going through some old medical records. They probably told me back then it was menieres but I don't remember, anyway...

In 2005 I switched over to the Army because of the wars and that is my current job. So over the past two years my vertigo has become more freq and more severe. I still have never had an attack where I through up, I do get nausea though. My vertigo lasts a few hours which really upsets my stomach and cause loose stool ( don't know if that matters)

So the last few months I started going to the doctor again. The first time he sees me, I tell him what I just wrote here and he says its not menieres because the vertigo would not be progressive like this. It was my understanding menieres is a progressive disease??

I get some referrals to some specialists and this is where I get lost.

I go last week for an ENG and when I first walk in the lady gives me a snap shot of my record and askes me if thats right, I say yep! She literally scoffs at the menieres diagnosis and says "yeah right."

We do the ENG and at the end she says it looks like menieres, but she wants me to come back in a week for the ECoG because she thinks it could also be labyrinthitis. So today I go in for the ECoG and afterwards she says "for someone with profound sensorneural hearing loss, your nerves are perfect." I said well thats weird. She says that based on the ECoG it is not menieres but now she wants me to see an ENT tomorrow.

I guess what I'm confused on is, does any of this sound right? Ive read a few articles where they say the ECoG is not a good test for menieres. Anyway, Just confused on whats going on with me and Military medical personnel have really no idea when it comes to special cases.
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