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Medicines for growing body hair


I am 25 years old, i dont have a mustache, beard, and also no hair on chest, hands and legs. Iam so shy about this matter, My friends are insulting me.

Can you please suggest me what type of medicines can grow hair, please tell me.

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First Helper neovamsi

replied August 6th, 2009
You need to see a doctor, this is very unusual
You need to go see a doctor, this is clearly a symptom of something else and it could be having more effects on you than you know.

I know it could be embarassing explaining this to a doctor but the alternative is worse.
Ultimately some random advice given on the internet isn't going to be as good as seeing a medical professional in person.
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replied August 21st, 2009
Honestly, your friends shouldn't be insulting you for that. It's not your fault at all. And, personally, I envy you. I'm pretty hairy and REALLY wish I wasn't. Shaving sucks and my chest looks nasty when I take my shirt off because it's covered with hair. I'd trade with you in a heartbeat.
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