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Medicine substitute? "heparin 5 ML Cleo 25,000 units."

Hi, my cousin has lupus and she takes heparin 5 ML (a blood thinner). She's currently vacationing in the Dominican Republic and she didn't take enough of her medicine with her. However, she was able to find a similar medication but on it is written "heparin 5 ML Cleo 25,000 units." Should she take it? Is this the same? Please let me know asap. Thanks!
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replied September 26th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

You do not say how many "units" of heparin your cousin takes in the 5ml of solution.

Heparin comes in different "strengths", depending upon how many units there are per milliliter.

The “heparin 5 ML Cleo 25,000 units” means that there are 25,000 units in the 5ml of solution (or 5,000 units per ml).

However, your cousin has to make sure of the number of units she takes per dose, not the amount of solution. Again, heparin comes in different strengths.

If she is not absolutely sure she is getting the correct amount of units, she should see a physician in the Dominican Republic, or call her physician at home for advice.

Good luck.
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