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medications cause pancreatitis ?

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last thursday i visited my gp,she increased the dose of buprenorphine patch and added temazepam.following morning i was vomiting,abdo pain,i am also a diabetic on insulin.been back to gp as pulse racing,nausia,pain radiating through back,severe abdo pain,she took bloods for pancreatitus but results not back yet
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replied July 27th, 2009
Medications that cause Pancreatitis
My husband hurt his back and was prescribed Taradol for pain. After about 3 weeks of taking this medication, he started feeling nausea, headache, & loss of appetite. He went back to the doctor & now they say he has Pancreatitis. Now his doctor is searching for the cause of the pancreatitis. We are currently waiting on blood results. We are not sure what came first, the back pain or the pancreatitis? Or did the meds. cause it? Does anyone know of what drugs might cause pancreatitis?
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