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Medication for Panic Attacks GAD

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I'm at a complete loss at this point. I was diagnosed in 1994 with panic disorder(GAD) agoraphobia and major depressive disorder and saw a psychiatrist for several years. Originally I took 4- 5 mg of xanax, prozac then zoloft(among many other anti depressants). After a while when my symptoms were under control and I lost my insurance I opted to go to my family doctor who had no problem prescribing the medication I needed. I'm only taking xanax .5mg 3 times daily at this point.

I recently moved to a town near Ft. Worth, TX. I was seeing a family practitioner for about six months here who all of the sudden decided he was unable to prescribe the medication because my condition was chronic and I needed to see a psychiatrist. I went to MHMR which is Mental Health for low income people, but they were unable to help me because I am not suicidal or bipolar or schizophrenic. They referred me to the local hospital indigent program who told me today they do not deal with mental health issues and had no idea who could help me.
I am working, but I can not even afford food for my 14 month old son and myself. I have been struggling just to get to and from work and I need some advice on who can help me. My anxiety is getting worse and my depression is back with a vengence. Please help. I don't know where else to turn.

Thank you.
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replied August 1st, 2008
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ask god to give you some guide
trust me i can't imagine the shoes ur in but im going threw anxitey too and for them docs to say nobody can help you there wrong just ask god for his help and say please help me threw this cause i ask him the same and he does or else why would i be sayin this too you. and some other advise theres websites that have info for what ur going threw your just going threw alot all at once stop and take a deep breathe because ur going to make it it just takes time and by just talking to people that are going threw the same thing weregoing threw your not alone medication insn't going to cure anxitey just temporaly try to get a hold of a therypst and get some kind of help your doing the best you can. theres always somebody to turn too and if you like you can send me messeages if you feel any worse because im gong threw some things that i never thought i would crazy but everythings for a reason so just hang in there your life an't over we just need to get back on our feet hope i helped out and good luck! you can write me back whenever ill try to reply fast as i can.
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replied December 11th, 2008
speaking of god
Im a student nurse who just finished my mental health rotation. Many churches can help you pay for your medications. You can also write the drug company that provides your meds and they can send you meds for free. I've heard it working for others it is worth a shot. I hope your doing well!
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replied January 29th, 2009
anxiety and depression
I have been anxiety ridden since I was 5 years old. I am 45 yrs. old now. I take Effexor XR for the depression and it helps with the depression. I have a JPS psych dr. who will not prescribe valium or xanax for my horrible panic attacks and anxiety. I have never had a dr. before even consider taking me off any of my meds, most importantly the anxiety meds.
Well, I lost my job, lost my insurance and ended up at JPS. I have been without anything for anxiety. I now shake uncontrollably, obvious tremors throughout my body sometimes causing me to fall. Two weeks ago I was at a grocery store and had a panic attack that resulted in a seizure. i hit my head and got 7 staples, remember nothing of the accident, cat scan showed a healthy brain. I was released with 15 .5 mg valiums and I have had absolutely no attacks, no tremors, no feelings of inadequacy. I am ready to go to a dr. and pay the office fee. Some people are not normal without drug treatment, I am one of them. My kids, my father, my friends
will tell you that I am better on the meds. Now I have the daunting task of finding a decent psychiatrist who agrees with me.
Good luck. I will keep loking and report back to you if I find one. Please do the same for me.
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