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I was diagnosed with PTSD three years ago, with underlying anxiety and depression. My psychiatrist at the time prescribed 50mg Zoloft(SSRI) taken daily, and low dose Xanax to take as needed (20 per month.) But I lost my health insurance and had to wean myself off. I recently got insurance again, saw a primary care doctor who simply diagnosed me with generalized anxiety but refused to give me Xanax, so he re-prescribed the zoloft, and it hasn't really been helping with anxiety symptoms and has made me slightly more depressed. So he wants me to wean off zoloft again, and start taking Effexor (SNRI.) The thought of dealing with the side effects of stopping one medication and starting a new one is giving me immense anxiety. I am already highly stressed due to school and work (both full time) and would like a second opinion. Help?
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