Hello my name is Werri

I am doing research on the medical industry and require some feedback to the following!

What are the typical conditions daily occurrence problems a doctors needs to explain to a patients regularly and it involves education of the patient!


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replied August 27th, 2019
Hello Werri, As you ask about problem faces in the healtcare industry I think one in seven Medicare patients in hospitals experiences a medical error. But medical errors can occur anywhere in the health care system: In hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, doctors' offices, nursing homes, pharmacies, and patients' homes. Errors can involve medicines, surgery, diagnosis, equipment, or lab reports. They can happen during even the most routine tasks, such as when a hospital patient on a salt-free diet is given a high-salt meal.

Most errors result from problems created by today's complex health care system. But errors also happen when doctors* and patients have problems communicating

Hope these inputs will help you,
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