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Medical Marijuana for the pain two years after surgery

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Two years ago I had an accident and I broke my arm. I wasn't very lucky and now I have some metal in my forearm and not very pretty scars.
Maybe half a year ago I've started to feel pain in my arm. When I went to see my primary care physician, he told me that I can feel the pain because of the humidity of the air. Sure, that could be the case. But the seasons change, the weather also, and I am still having the same feeling.
I've been thinking about going to another doctor, maybe just to hear different opinion. I've read about many prescribed drugs many articles and now I am little bit scared of taking them.
Some reading led me to medical marijuana - and here is my question - how am I supposed to find a doctor that would be prone to write a prescription? I can imagine that with the rest of my problems people in the shop could help me - because I am not very experienced smoker.
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