I stopped taking all bipolar pharmaceuticals around 8 years ago. I have been on Depakote, Trazadone, Resperadol, Adderall(im hyperactive too), Wellbutrin, Prozac, Lithium, and much more. These medications had devestating effects on my health and quite possibly my liver/kidneys. My friends said that after I had taken this cocktail of medications for a year I was beginning to become fat/gain weight. I went through a detoxification process at MediCann (www.medicannusa.com) and I am in my second year of a medical marijuana recommendation.

I have been medicating using cannabis ever since. My mood swings only manifest themselves when I do not have this medication - therefore I am investing in growing equipment as it can be quite expensive to purchase at street price.

My physician recommends an indica for manic phases, and advises to stay clear of sativas except during phases of depression. I will say this is the best homeopathic remedy available in any of the 11 states that have legalized it. California, as far as I know, is the only state that will allow it recommended to you for this, most other states require some sort of life threatening disease. For those that dislike smoking it is highly recommended to obtain an oral tincture, edible such as brownies, cookies, etc, or vaporization of THC at subflammable temperatures.

I look forward to when the FDA puts Sativex on clinical trial, then this medication will be available in an oralmucosal mouthspray. So far they are only marketing Sativex for muscular dystrophy, but I feel it would be a great way to curb the anxiety and mania of a bipolar patient. It is on demand too, whenever the symptoms appear simply spray it in your mouth.

I seriously recommend this treatment for anyone living in the state of California or Oregon. I would be weary of the quality of any street cannabis purchased within the other medical marijuana tolerant states. In California Indicas and Sativas are readily available through storefronts and delivery services - we have pioneered this medicine.

Plus there is a solid reputation of quality control within California. Please exercise caution and make sure that if you are going to medicate yourself - please obtain your medicine from a reputable source and be confident that your product is free of adulterants or toxins.

For those that dispute these claims, I will say this - I dedicated an effort to stop taking medical marijuana on new years, I quit for two months. My mania went OUT of control and I became quite psychotic near the end of the second month. After dealing with police and discovering that my behavior I had been out of control I immediately knew that this is not a joke, I needed to be put back on medication. I had began my therapy with medicinal cannabis immediately - purchased a quarter ounce of Jack Herer x MK Ultra - and I was back to normal again. I could sleep normally, act normally, and be in a normal/consistant state of emotion. Quite amazing!
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replied April 3rd, 2008
Cannabinoid research report put out by Newcastle, UK researchers/doctors (Journal of Psychopharmacology):


Excellent reading material!!! I hope that soon the government stops poisoning us with chemical pharmaceuticals, but they most likely will not. I even heard the horrible news about the drugs appearing in our water supply! this would eliminate it
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